perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2013

QRG for JT9-1 (?)

This week I have tried to make QSOs on JT9-1 mode, using QRP equipment here. The problem is not that I use less than 5 Watts to communicate - the problem is that I cannot find other stations on the band! It looks like every station are using QRGs (frequencies) they like or find to be right.
For example: on famous 30 meters band, JT65-HF stations are on 10.038/ 10.039 MHz, but JT9 stations are obviously around 10.030 MHz. Yesterday I read that one station called on 14.081 and 14.078 MHz (20 m band) - JT65-HF stations are 14.076 MHz on 20 m band.
Anyway I have made 2 QSOs on 30 m band and my first one on 10 m band (28.076 MHz). Maybe we shall find each other with JT9 without cluster spots or any skeds.

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