perjantai 22. maaliskuuta 2013

OLIVIA - nice "chat-mode"

After so long time, I decited to try something different on shortwaves and choosed Olivia -mode for test. Olivia is one of those famous digitital modes for low power operations, QRP. According to my logbook my earlier activity with Olivia was 2008. So it was a right time to test it again.
After calling CQs on 15 meters band, I decited to move back to the magic 20 meters band. Yes, right choice - first CQ and my old "Olivia friend", Les G3IVB, from the UK answered me. My last QSO in 2008 was with Les too. So it was interesting to make some ragchewing on shortwaves - something different than change just reports 599 and names with QTH.
If you like something more than just change reports, check Olivia, please. There is a good mode and nice OPs to chat with.

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