torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

An early Christmas gift - 5 MHz band opened

WSPR-activity on 5 MHz by OH5-202 (SWL)

New QRP -band has been opened! 

The new radio frequency of 4 U / M 2016 came into force on Friday, 09.12.2016. At the same time the new 5 MHz band opened for all Finnish ham radio frequencies between 5351.5 kHz and 5366.5 kHz. Maximum power 15 W EIRP.

So far, I have monitored activity only on JT65/ JT9 and WSPR-modes. It is a pity that our QRG doesn´t allow activity on WSPR - just receiving (SWL).

I have tried to find any CW-station calling CQ last days, but so far "no takers" for my QRP hi...

OH5KUY qpr on recervebeacon network - signal audible 

Yes - just finished my first QSO on 5 MHz: DL2VBN "Ben" answered my CQ! Reports: 449/599 was changed. ConDX was not very good. It looked like my signal was most time below the noise level hi.

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